You deserve more…come RISE with us.

RISE is a community of medical professionals dedicated to the personalized treatment of vitality issues through integrative medicine and care.

For nearly all men, a fulfilling sex life is a pillar of their mental and physical health. We, at Rise Medical, have partnered with the best urologists in the country to design a comprehensive, medically based approach to bring you a customized treatment protocol in order to achieve the best results that science can provide. In addition to the medical side, we bring a full approach – physical, hormonal, emotional for you and partners together.

Whether it’s the effects of aging or childbirth, a decreased sex drive is something women believe they just had to put up with. You deserve more! At Rise Medical we developed customized protocols to address and treat issues you may have with intimacy, hormone imbalance, urinary incontinence and more. You, too, can renew, rejuvenate and regain your best possible relationship. This is the age of enlightenment for women and sex!

At Rise Medical we approach issues with the whole person in mind. We know that treatment isn’t always limited to just the physical. Our team of licensed counselors and therapists are dedicated to bringing intimacy and enjoyment back into your relationship. Our tele-rise program provides individuals and couples with medical professionals devoted to private counseling needs.

The results speak…

Amazing Results!! Viveve exceeded my expectations!! I have struggled with stress incontinence for years! I have spent time and money on Pelvic floor physical therapy… which was helpful, as long as I did my exercises… but I was never very good at consistency. However, after only ONE Viveve treatment, I have not had a single episode of incontinence! Sneezing, coughing, running .. and NO LEAKS!! Viveve WORKS!!!

Kirstin W.

As a mother of 2, in her 40’s, I was just resigned to the fact I would always suffer from stress urinary incontinence. I could not cough, laugh, run or jump without leaking. I received Viveve and within 4 weeks of the treatment, I was amazed that the leaking had stopped. I sneezed in the grocery store and nearly skipped down the rest of the aisle so excited that I had not leaked any urine. It has only gotten better from there. I have more sensation during intercourse, which has made my marriage more enjoyable. It has only been 2 months since my treatment, I am excited to see more improvement as the months go on.

Kimberly M

Put into early menopause due to breast cancer and maintenance meds, I noticed my body changing drastically. Viveve helped with all the common side effects of menopause and helped tremendously restore and improve the physical effects of treatments to what it was when I was in my 20’s. My husband noticed an immediate difference after the first treatment and it continues to improve. I highly recommend this restorative process for any woman, and feel it’s highly beneficial to cancer patients.

Kate M.

I am 100% satisfied with my experience and my ED was successfully reversed with the shock wave treatments. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Clean and comfortable office.

Stephen, 68

Life changing positive experience. We laugh at the thought of ED until we experience it ourselves. … Their shockwave treatment works wonders. I did the 12 treatment protocol and saw results about half way through. Since then it’s only gotten better. Nice office and environment.

Jake, 52

To be honest this is not a subject I EVER feel comfortable talking about, but my experience was so life changing I had to write a review. … After my consultation I decided to move forward with the shock wave therapy treatment and it has been noting but a blessing since. I am finally feeling comfortable in bed again! If you are on the fence, don’t be…

James, 48

…I elected to do the shockwave treatment and have experienced better than expected results. Before coming in, I was getting worried about pills not working anymore. Today, I don’t have to use pills at all. Highly recommend this treatment to any man dealing with this issue.

Chase, 33

…The shockwave therapy not only helped any issues with ED I was having, it also increased my sexual performance in the bedroom significantly enough that it was noticed by my partner. Especially as a younger guy it’s never comfortable talking to your doctor about this kind of stuff. … I couldn’t be happier with the results of my investment…

Ryan, 31

My Cliovana treatments are working!

Over the last several months I had noticed a significant decrease in both my libido, as well as my ability to achieve orgasm. This was concerning to me as this had never been an issue for me before, and I knew it had nothing to do with my partner or my relationship, but rather was most likely due to changes I am experiencing as I am approaching menopause. 

I had heard Cliovana could help and I am THRILLED that I decided to go ahead with the treatment.  After only a couple of weeks I can definitely say that my libido is back!  In addition, I just feel “more alive” down there- everything seems to be back to the good old days!

I would definitely recommend Cliovana to anyone who is looking for a “sexual re-boot”.

Sonia M