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Hair Growth – Nutrafol

Most people do not know that the root cause of hair loss is actually genetics. Yes, our genes are the culprit, by prompting hormonal imbalances – specifically, an overabundance of the testosterone by-product DHT.

But many factors can trigger a genetic predisposition for pattern baldness in men and women: thyroid imbalance, UV exposure, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, extreme stress, and even long-term use of certain medications.


Growth Hormone & Other Natural Products That Significantly Improve Hair Growth

Silky, luscious, irresistible hair. Everyone wants it. But what are you willing to do to get it?
There are so many cosmetic products for hair regeneration out there: from oral to topical to surgical. The most popular drugs (finasteride and minoxidil) provide only short-term improvement and quitting them can cause even more rapid hair loss. The surgical options; autologous single follicle and follicular unit transplantation are risky, and the number of follicle donors is limited.