Our Treatments


For nearly all men, sex is on their minds nearly all the time. It’s also intimately intertwined with emotional and physical well-being. Our Medical Professionals have developed specific protocols using the latest in science and technology, such as the RiseWave™ and P-Shot®, to create a treatment plan tailored to suit each man’s individual wants and needs.

We believe that a decreased sex drive and urinary incontinence are NOT things that women just have to “put up with”.  With Viveve, we empower women to reclaim their right to youthful, resilient vaginal tissue and strong pelvic muscles. With our nonsurgical O-Shot® rejuvenation treatment, patients regain that desire and sensitivity, feeling a dramatic change in their sexual experience.

All our biochemical life stages are regulated by our hormones. As testosterone is one of our most crucial hormones, unbalanced levels can stimulate or aggravate a slew of health conditions. After our team of medical professionals analyze your levels, and customize an individualized plan to have you feel in harmony with your best self.  

Frequently experienced with menopause, hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Because of their essential role, even small imbalances can cause side effects throughout the body. Rise treatment plans can regulate those hormonal roller coasters, even as we age. Our specialists take the necessary time and care to address and harmonize your hormone levels with a plan that is customized just for you.

Our hair is like our crown, it’s an expression of ourselves. And, for most people, losing that crown can be devastating. Many factors can trigger a genetic predisposition for pattern baldness but, there are many ways to fight back. We want you to know that full and irresistible hair is possible, and we have the tools to help.

With everything that life throws at us, sometimes pain is unavoidable. More than 25 million Americans struggle with chronic pain. We believe that the future of healing does not lie in pharmaceuticals but regenerative healing.  We use natural methods such as Shockwave therapies and platelet-rich plasma” injection treatments to systematically eliminate the root causes and regenerate damaged tissue.