Treating the whole person

Intimacy is often thought to be something involving just our bodies but, the largest organ involved is actually our brains.

Intimacy is so much more than just sex.

Whether you’re a couple looking to improve their relationship or an individual seeking guidance navigating the self awareness of sexual wellness, tele-rise provides a safe, non-judgemental space to explore these issues from the convenience and privacy of your own home.

We are your partners for a successful and fulfilling intimate life.


Intimacy is about the real, profound connection you create with your partner—a closeness that brings two people together in a powerful way.
Regardless of your marital status, a healthy bond between partners is the pivotal pillar of any intimate relationship. Over the course of being together, each partner changes and grows. Oftentimes when this happens the connection becomes off balance, affecting virtually every aspect of the relationship.
There are many reasons to seek outside help in your relationship…

    • Explore issues/blocks in your relationship (big and small)
    • Work on communication
    • Improve interactions (in and outside of the bedroom)
    • Simply wanting a stronger relationship
    • Reduce fighting/arguments
    • Overcoming infidelity
    • Just needing a tuneup to check in with each other
    • Wanting to rekindle that ‘spark’

Even if you’re not sure where to start, if both partners have a desire to improve your intimate lives, our counselors and therapists can help guide you and give you the tools for a more fulfilling and exciting relationship.

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Intimacy isn’t just for couples!

Whether you are seeking help in navigating (or reentering) the dating world, struggling with self-image/intimacy, or would like to address negative relationship patterns; our coaches and counselors will empower you to make positive and lasting changes.

Perhaps you are in a relationship but would like individualized care to focus on areas such as balancing your role as a partner with other aspects of your busy life or addressing past negative experiences that may be affecting your current relationship. Whatever your concerns about achieving your goals for a fulfilling intimate life, our licensed professionals will address your concerns through our secure tele-rise platform.

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