Being a horse you provide a great deal of safety and trust in your relationship. You are easy to talk to, so your partner opens up to you. You have no problems getting intimate and going deeper with people. Everyone in a 200 foot radius knows this and will come to you for advice and guidance. Your nurturing heart is always seeking a win-win solution to any conflicts that may arise between you and your lover. You are loyal in friendships and your relationships. You give your time and energy freely. The barriers for you when it comes to intimacy is that your partners can easily lose respect for you.  It’s challenging for you to create boundaries, so you often get walked all over.  You’d rather “give in” to others in order to  keep the peace vs. standup for you and what you believe. Your indecisiveness is what makes it hard to even define your boundaries in the first place. Losing yourself in a relationship is not attractive. A dolphin without boundaries and consistent self-care practices in place, will lose their partner’s interest and your intimacy together will fade.  Lions love the support you provide them with, so they are naturally attracted to you. You love their bold decision-making abilities and fall quickly for their confidence.  Lions and horses can make a great pair when you know when and how to take hold of the reins and lead. A healthy lion will trade roles glady and become your biggest cheerleader. Sounds easy enough, but you may need to invest in a trained professional to show you how.  It’s easier said than done.

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