Everyone is magnetically drawn to dolphin energy and wants to be in a relationship with you.  Just like a dolphin, you are fun, social, highly motivated, and enthusiastic.  You are always down for a great time and are the perfect date to bring to an event or just about anywhere.  Your partners feel alive and energized in your presence and your optimism shines a light on any obstacles the two of you may face.  The barriers you create to being in deeper intimacy are you can be easily seen as flaky, unreliable and lack authenticity.  It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t always follow through and quickly moves on to the next thing.  When you are grounded in your energy you are a visionary and a powerful force to be reckoned with.  Dolphins love attracting crows because they have what they lack- consistency and predictability. The crow is enamored by dolphins, because crows don’t like living in the spotlight, so a relationship with a dolphin fills this gap. You can see how both animals can complement each other, but without relationship support they will drive eachother crazy. Eventually the dolphin will get bored with a crow’s lack of spontaneity and turned off by their lack of emotional expression. Over time, the crow will not be able to handle a creature who goes with the flow, can’t be scheduled, predicted, and doesn’t keep their world.

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