You are a highly intelligent creature and are seen and honored that way, just like the crow.  Structure and predictability are pillars in your life, so naturally your partner can feel the strong foundation you provide. Your ability to produce consistent results can be comforting and grounding for your mate and also generate a stable income. You’re more than likely highly skilled in a select area.  People desire to get to know you and be close with you, but you’re not available in that way. Because you don’t open up to the world, your lover feels deeply secure in your relationship. His/her accessibility to you seems selective and special. That being said, you can be a hard nut to crack. Your partners generally can’t get a read on you, because you are emotionally reserved. This may work for you in the beginning of a relationship because your partner finds you mysterious, alluring, a challenge to pursue, which draws them near. However, being in a long-term relationship with an emotionally closed off crow who is constantly calculating their next step, will eventually leave your partner frustrated, thinking you don’t care, don’t love them and/or aren’t attracted to them..  You are organically attracted to dolphins and also have a very challenging time initiating with them, which is OK.  If they sense your interest and it’s reciprocated, they will engage first. You have difficulties being with dolphins even though it’s something you desire. Refer to the dolphin description for more information. 

Love is led through the heart, so switching from head to heart may be the greatest challenge you face not only in a relationship, but also in life. This takes professional support and emotional intelligence coaching. 

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